NDIS Respite Services

Happy little girl with Down syndrome on swing outdoors in playgraound.

What We offer

Our team of highly trained and compassionate professionals ensures that participants receive the utmost care, attention, and engagement during their respite stay. We provide a safe and welcoming environment where participants can relax, socialize, and participate in a range of enriching activities tailored to their individual interests and needs.

What is Respite - STA?

Short Term Accommodation (STA) is a type of NDIS housing designed to give you time away from your caring duties.
Funding for STA allows eligible NDIS participants to access up to 14 days away from their usual place of residence. THE NDIS usually funds up to 18 days of STA ain a year, meaning you have got the flexibility to pick and choose when you want to us this type of accommodation.

Your options are limitless – use a 14-day block, or pick and choose certain weekends of the year in stead.

While you are in an STA, participants will receive support with everyday tasks in a safe and comfortable home away from home. Wheather it’s cooking you favourite meals or having a movie night, do it with confidence knowing that we are with you every step of the way!

Happy disabled teenage boy smile face on wheelchair holding a camera with father.